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The New King of NYFW comes from Colombia and Venezuela


by Karina González Ulloa  |  February 12, 2019

Tom Murry Returns to Industry as CEO of Raul Peñaranda


by Lisa Lockwood |  June 12, 2020


Raul Penaranda: A fashion designer fueled by creativity and a passion for fashion and the planet he lives on.


by Phillip Bloch, Carol Alt and Pat Cleveland | February 21, 2023

“Debía demostrar que, aunque no era rubio, tenía talento suficiente”: diseñador Raúl Peñaranda


by Adrián David Osorio Ramirez | Julio 14, 2022

Entrevista: Raúl Peñaranda habla de su trayectoria y de sus últimos diseños


by Redacción Cromos | Julio 23, 2022

FOX 5's Christal Young chats with Raul Penaranda about his 'RP Revolving Closet' concept he offers to his clients.


by Christal Young | May 2022

NYFW 2022 w| Raul Penaranda Fall / Winter Collection 'Unstoppable'


by Deanna Harris | February 2022

El diseñador colombiano Raúl Peñaranda presenta 'Unstoppable' en NYFW


El diseñador colombiano Raúl Peñaranda presentó su más reciente colección 'Unstoppable' en el New York Fashion Week


by cromosFebruary 12, 2022


He is Raúl Peñaranda, the Colombian designer who will also shine at the Oscars


The Caleño will be in charge of dressing Vanity Fair's digital director Alyssa Karas for the gala


by Newsroom InfobaeMarch 24, 2022


Making it to New York Fashion Week


Fashion Designer Raul Peñaranda gives YCL a preview of his "REVIVE" collection hitting the runways for New York Fashion Week


by abc10.comSeptember 7, 2021


La moda vuelve a Nueva York con diseños sostenibles y de ensueño


¡Arranca la temporada de la moda! Nueva York ha dado inicio a las 'fashion weeks' con innovadoras propuestas. ¡Conócelas!


by Forbes StaffSeptiembre 10, 2021


Nine Glamorous Global Restaurants as Stylish as They are Tasty


Raul Penaranda lives in New York and is a regular at the Grand Salon at the Baccarat Hotel in Midtown, a favorite hangout for the fashion industry.


by Shivani Vora  |  September 13, 2021


New York Fashion Week: Raúl Peñaranda y Patricia Robalino fusionaron sus talentos en la colección “Revive”


El diseñador colombiano Raúl Peñaranda acaba de presentar su colección "Revive", en la Semana de la Moda de Nueva York.


by Nuestratele InternacionalSeptiembre 14 2021


The First Ever Fashion Week Houston on Nov. 18


It will be a journey full of glamour and elegance in a show that will transcend borders becoming an event that will be remembered for many years to come.


The evening’s headlining designer is an international phenomenon, Raul Penaranda.


by The New York FinanceNovember 15 2021


SPECIAL FEATURE: AW Celebrates Women’s Fashion at NYFW with New York, Latino Fashion Designer, Raul Peñaranda


by Yvette Bodden  |  September 7, 2021


RP, Girls & Fun - 10 Years at NYFW 2010-2020



The Raul Penaranda brand was officially launched September 2010 at New York Fashion Week. After 10 years and showing 20 collections at NYFW, one thing's for sure ... he loves having fun with his models, and they love him. Here's to being kind, humble and just a little crazy!

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