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Raul Peñaranda - Fall / Winter 2016


Raul Peñaranda brought sexy edge to 1970's inspired styles. It was a disco inferno of Metallic, Silver, Gold, Gray, Maroon with pops of Mint Green and Blush Champagne. Bell bottoms and low plunging necklines were complemented with delicate jewelry, dark lips and low chignons.


This line is a very high fashion collision of both business and pleasure.

Location:                                                              Photos:

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Orgullo colombiano: Raul Peñaranda celebró su vigésima participación en la Semana de la Moda de Nueva York


2019-09-11  |  18:09:29  |  Nuestratele Internacional

Raul Peñaranda - A/W 2012

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Midtown Loft & Terrace


'If you haven’t yet heard of Raul Penaranda, then you’ll be hearing the name soon. His Fall 2012 collection, titled “Midnight Opulence,” was absolutely stunning, and showed his spot-on talent when it comes to designing for a woman.'


'Penaranda received a gracious standing ovation during his finale walk. Women had been oohing, ahhing and pointing during the show, indicating even more so how gorgeous and wearable this collection really is.'

Backstage Pass at NYFW

RP's Spring 2014 Presentation

Raul Penaranda Fall 2012 Collection

Rocco Recaps Day 7 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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