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Editors’ Picks: Floral Prints are in Full-Bloom for Spring/Summer 2021

If you’re in the market for a sexy dress, look to Venezuelan designer, Raul Penaranda, who describes his brand as “a sustainable luxury brand crafted with kindness.”

by Vivian Kelly

In this issue of Entrigue Magazine you'll find Colombo-Venezuelan, haute-couture designer Raul Penaranda, and much more...

by Entrigue Magazine | August/September 2020

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Ernie Anastos | FOX 5 NY and Raul Penaranda discuss fashion and NYFW

by FOX5NY  |  February 2020

Interviews with RP and event attendees ... live at NYFW

by Deanna Harris  |  February 7, 2020

Lynda Baquero sits down with New York fashion designer Raul Peñaranda

by NBC4's Lynda Baquero  |  February 1, 2020

Carolina highlights Raul Peñaranda’s story from this season on American Latino TV

by Carolina Trejos |  February 4, 2020

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Fashion Designers Fighting COVID-19 from Producing Masks to Making Generous Donations

by Vanidades  |  March 2020

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Behind the scenes at NYFW with Colombian designer Raul Peñaranda

by  Marysol Castro  |  February 13, 2020

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Fashion Sketch Night with Raul Peñaranda

If you love fashion, explore your passion at Fashion Sketch Night! Models will be dressed in designs by celebrated designer Raul Peñaranda.

Showing the World who You are ... Even from a Distance

by Juan Vargas  |  3 Axis Films  |  May 5, 2020

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Where'd You Get That?

RP takes Christal Young on a behind the scenes tour as he prepares for NYFW

by Christal Young   |   September 19, 2019