The RP Story

RP in a Flash ... 10 Years of Fashion and Fun

The RP brand was established in 2009 and officially launched September 2010 at New York Fashion Week by Raul Penaranda and business partner Larry Haack. Raul's first collection immediately gained acclaim and popularity among women, as well as press and media:


Fashion Trendsetter   September 2010

Raul Peñaranda Claims a Spot Amongst Top Designers As Debut Collection Meets Standing Ovations at NY Fashion Week. Balancing creativity with quality, the designer displayed a flawless understanding of the female figure.


Haute Living   September 2010

Starting off with sparkle, metallic, short shorts and pops of color, the looks transitioned into gala appropriate attire with an edge. A block color cut-out gown brought Narcisco Rodriguez meets Marc by Marc Jacobs to mind. As the show concluded, one thing is certain Raul Peñaranda is adored.


Raul's vision, accurately stated in the RP brand tagline, ‘show the world who you are’, has been described as classic and sophisticated, yet sexy with an edge … appealing to women ranging from The Baby Boomers generation through Generation X and even Gen Y and Z. The RP product is universal because it suits this wide range of clients, all with different demands.


The RP client is someone looking for a luxury ‘one-of-a-kind’ atelier fashion statement, with the knowledge that each garment isn’t just a design, but an emotion; as Raul’s pieces are always crafted with kindness, emotion and a touch of his Latin roots.


The RP Atelier product is 100% USA manufactured, cruelty free and environmentally safe, with sustainable construction and repurposed materials, avoiding the pitfalls behind mass production.


RP has only gained notoriety since his first reviews in 2010. Recent headlines that have dominated the fashion world prove that he is certainly on his way to be the new fashion powerhouse for the next generation.   February 2019

The new king of NYFW comes from Colombia and Venezuela.

Raul Peñaranda: the name of the one who reiterates that Latin America is in fashion.


 WWD   June 2020

Tom Murry, former chief executive officer of Calvin Klein Inc., is returning to the fashion industry by taking on the role of CEO at Colombo-Venezuelan designer brand Raul Peñaranda LLC.



Peñaranda, founder, COO and Creative Director, along with his business partner Larry J Haack, founder and CBO have run the company for 10 years and have shown 20 uninterupted collections.


With great pleasure RP not only offers his clients a well-crafted, quality product that will exceed expectations, but a unique experience of working directly with Raul while creating a one-of-a-kind product. He is confident that whichever garment you wear will reflect your personality, so you too can ‘show the world who you are’.